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Access™ ClearVue™ Prone Breast Device

Access™ ClearVue™ Prone Breast Device

Access ClearVue offers a number of advantages over other commercially available prone position devices. The unique, open design provides visual and treatment access to the breast allowing planning and treatment from multiple angles. The interchangeable mid-section allows you to quickly adjust the device configuration between inserts. The same inserts are used for right and left breast, and are designed to reduce the CT straight-line artifact that can be seen with other products.

The optional laser alignment systems provides an additional point of reference directly on the breast to allow for triangulation of the treatment site. Access ClearVue is compatible with all CT scanners and treatment machines.

Key Benefits:

Physician & Physicist

  • Unique, full open access allowing to plan and treat from multiple angles
  • Variety of inserts to provide flexability in selecting the treatment technique
  • Optimized for whole or partial breast treatment and simulation
  • Prone position creates separation of breast from lung and heart, and minimizes target motion
  • Compatible with CT scanners
  • Designed to work with vacuum locking technology for patient immobilization


  • Lightweight one-piece carbon fiber device
  • Open access for easy setup
  • Slip-resistant feet along with locating bars, allow direct placement of Access ClearVue on top of existing treatment couch
  • Horizontal and vertical indexing for device and patient alignment
  • Indexed handlegrips to assist in daily reproducibility.
  • Carbon fiber design allows for treatment through table


  • Ergonomic cushion profile designed to equally distribute the weight and minimize pressure around the breast opening
  • Variable inserts to increse patient comfort
  • Minimize unwanted dose to critical organs such as heart and lungs
Access™ ClearVue™ Prone Breast Device - overall height 17.5 cm
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Access™ ClearVue™ Prone Breast Device - overall height 20 cm
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Access ClearVue Accessories

20 cm Insert
20 cm Insert
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25 cm Insert
25 cm Insert
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30 cm Insert
30 cm Insert
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